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Diabetes Specialist

David E. Auer, MD -  - Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

David E. Auer, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician & Aesthetics located in Westchase, Houston, TX

Nearly one in 10 Americans is living with diabetes. That’s why David E. Auer, MD, offers diabetes diagnosis and treatment from the comfort and convenience of his office in the Westchase area of Houston, Texas. To find out if you’re living with this condition or to get started with your diabetes care, call the office or book your appointment online today.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a group of conditions that affect your body’s ability to use the sugar in your bloodstream. That sugar, also called glucose, is important. Your body uses a hormone called insulin to convert the sugar in your blood to fuel for your cells. But diabetes gets in the way of your body’s ability to move sugar from your bloodstream to your cells, causing the sugar to build up in your blood. 

This creates a wide range of health problems. Diabetes heightens your risk for:

  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Kidney Problems
  • Eye Problems
  • Neuropathy
  • Foot Ulcers

To protect you against these health challenges, Dr. Auer offers treatment that keeps your blood sugar at healthy levels. He tailors your treatment based on the type of diabetes that’s affecting you. 

What are the different types of diabetes?

In addition to gestational diabetes, which can develop during pregnancy (and usually resolves after birth), the two most common types of diabetes are:

Type 1 diabetes

This type of diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood or adolescence. It causes your body to attack the cells in your pancreas that create insulin, leaving you with insufficient insulin to effectively use the sugar in your blood. 

Type 2 diabetes

This is by far the most common type of diabetes, and it’s usually diagnosed later in life. Type 2 diabetes is marked by your body’s resistance to insulin as it tries to convert blood sugar into fuel for your cells. The inability to properly use insulin leaves excess glucose in your bloodstream. 

Type 2 diabetes is linked to unhealthy characteristics like an imbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and excess body weight. 

How is diabetes treated?

Dr. Auer personalizes your diabetes treatment to you. For example, if you have Type 1 diabetes, your treatment includes injectable insulin that allows your body to properly use the glucose in your blood. 

People with Type 2 diabetes can often balance their blood sugar levels without medication. Lifestyle changes like increased exercise and a healthy diet can make a dramatic difference in the way your body uses insulin, helping you keep your glucose levels balanced. Dr. Auer works with you to make the right changes to most effectively treat diabetes in your body. 

Get the dedicated diabetes treatment you need to protect your long-term health by calling David E. Auer, MD, or booking your appointment online.